I know it sounds too good to be true, how on earth can you play for real money for Free. Well if you take a look at pretty much all of the online casinos. They all offer bonuses to new customers of some sort. There are heaps of them out there. But some will be more suitable for you personally than others. So the best thing to do is to do a little homework first, let’s say window shopping.  Then go for the offer that will give you the best deal or the most bonus money to play slots with.

What’s the catch I hear you say? now there is always something needed to get something back. So the majority of bonuses are made after you have made your deposit. I know what you are thinking, that means it is not free. Well, because it is a bonus offered to you, it certainly is money that you didn’t have in the first place. It’s money that you can play with and could win with. So you could say that you are playing with real money for free. However, some online slot game providers will give you a bonus on sign up without you depositing any money. Or they will give you free spins and you are still able to win real money into your account.

Now we know that all of these bonuses can look great. There is nothing to say that you can’t join a few different casinos and take up each of their offers. But if you are uncertain of the different types of online slot bonuses that are available. Why not take a look at our simple guides below as your first point of call.

What is a Deposit Bonus Offer?

The first thing to note here is that you have to put up some of your own money to get some money back. Usually, this is when you first sign up to an online casino as a brand new customer. So let us be honest here, this is an appealing way for the online casino to get you as a new customer. But if you are smart, you can end up with a big fat bonus of playable money in your account.

So here’s an example, you see a great selection of slots that you know you would love to play at an online casino. The offer the casino has displayed is saying that they will match your first deposit 100% with a free bonus. Let’s say your first deposit is £10, then the casino with give you a free bonus of £10. But some will also match your bonus if you put more in, so you deposit £300, then they give you a bonus of £300. Are you with me.

It does not stop there, some providers will give additional deposit bonuses after you have joined. Or will offer a tiered bonus system, which means you need to commit to add additional deposits over a required period to get more bonuses.

The bottom line is, never look at the first option that is shown. Yes, it may look like a great sign up offer but if you take a quick look over the details of the offer. You will maximize your bonus money. So, always take a quick look at the terms of the offer. The  UK gambling commission has regulated these offers so well that they are very transparent and it only takes a couple of minutes to work out exactly what you can get from it.

What is a NO Deposit Bonus Offer?

Well, what can I say, without stating the obvious? If the deposit bonus means that you get a free bonus after you have committed to placing a deposit in your account. Yeah, you guessed it – NO deposit bonus means that you get a free money bonus paid into your account without having to make any bonus at all. Just a nice welcome gift for joining the online casino, now that is playing online slots with real money free.

The catch here is, that the NO deposit bonus tends not to be a huge amount. Probably not more than £10, but let’s be fair if someone offered you a tenner for free you wouldn’t say no.

What are Free Spins Offers?

Simply put, instead of bonus money being added to your account which you then use to play the slot machines of your choice. You will get a number of free spins to play with, let’s say you get 50 free spins. Then you play away with your free spins and have a chance to win.

What’ the catch? Well with many of the Free Spins offers, you will only be able to use the free spins on one particular slot game.  Plus there may be wagering requirements and time limits for you to use the free spins. So take a quick look over the Terms of the offer so that you are clear on what you are getting and don’t lose out.

What other Bonus Offers will let me Play with Real Money for Free?

Every business has a focus on getting new customers and also retention of customers is just as important. Put it this way, it costs each of these companies vast amounts of revenue in marketing to get you signed up in the first place. So, heaps of them will be willing to give you a bonus if you get one of your friends to sign up. Let’s be honest here if you really enjoy the experience at your favorite casino, you are most likely to be telling your friends about it anyway. So why not get something for it if they do sign up to play.

Then we move onto, loyalty and customer retention. I’ll give you an example, you have been a loyal customer for some time and from nowhere you are contacted by the online casino and they surprise you with a new bonus. This is not uncommon at all if it looks like you have moved on elsewhere or are planning to it makes sense to keep you as a customer.

Can I get all of these offers in one place?

Now it sounds too good to be true, but the answer to that question is Yes. Admittedly, it is unusual for an online provider to offer a No Deposit Bonus, plus a Match Up Deposit, plus free spins and Loyalty Bonuses. But take a look around and you could well signing up just at the right time when the best offer is in place. Ultimately, this is a sure way of being able to play your online slot game with real money for free.