Free Slot Machines

It’s fair to say that every online casino has a huge selection of online slots to play. There seem to be new games appearing every day, some made in the style of a pub slot and some super modern slots. It’s always worth having a look at what each casino has on offer. As you would expect, they are all looking to get new members. So each online casino will specialise in their own themes, whether that is superhero slots or movie slots the choice is out there.

With all these options available, the hardest thing is making the right choice. There is no doubt that the all singing and dancing slot offers more payout options. Let’s be honest, a payout is what we are all looking for. So it is easy to go straight for a slot with multiple paylines or a huge progressive jackpot. But are your chances of winning being reduced with all these options.

A solid piece of advice is to do your research. There are plenty of websites like this one that will provide reviews and advice. However, all online slots should have a button with an ‘i’ on it. This will provide you with some information on the game including the set return to the player.

What is RTP?

Industry guidelines force all the casinos to set a Return to Player  (RTP). Now, this may sound a bit obvious, but the higher the percentage is, the more the slot will payout. What you will find is that all the RTP’s are sitting in the area of mid-nineties percent.

There is some solid information to be found on RTP at the Gambling Commission website. As with most stats, they can appear a little misleading. For instance, the game “Kings of Chicago” available at MrGreen has an RTP of a whopping 97.8%. But what exactly does that mean?

Well, let us get one thing clear. This percentage is set on a very large number of plays, in fact, it can apply to over one hundred thousand spins. So do your research and always remember the RTP is a general guide to follow but is still a good thing to look out for.

Are slots programmed to not payout?

Ok, it is easy to get skeptical about things. But you can easily find lots of information from the many regulators out there. To be fair to the industry regulators, they are not shy on slapping a huge fine on any provider that is not to standard.

We have already discussed RPT’s and this is a fine example. All casinos must have their RPT approved by the gambling commission. So the answer to this question is a clear NO. The industry is too heavily regulated and the consequences would be too severe to rigg a game.

Which slots payout the most real money?

Now, this is the million dollar question – literally. It is fair to say, that if you jump onto your favourite casino and start playing in Demo mode you won’t win real money. Also, any online arcade offering you “free spins” can apply conditions to the winnings made. So make sure you check out the Terms and Conditions of any bonus offer. However, if you are playing with your own money what you win is yours to withdraw anytime.

So to conclude, lookout for the higher RPT percentage and do some simple checks on the game prior to playing. Practice the game if it has a demo mode. Look for big progressive jackpots if you are looking to win huge amounts. But always make sure that you are playings with your money to make sure that big payout is real money that you can withdraw today.