OK, so you’ve honed your skills in the online slots arena and know how to improve your chances of spinning a juicy win, but what else are your slot skills useful for?

Over the last 15 years online casino gaming has evolved into a bustling arena of betting options and when you scroll through the lobby of any leading platform you’ll now find a myriad of ways to ante-up and win.

While slots may dominate the lobbies of virtually any site you play on, there are plenty of other classics that will boost your EV and keep you entertained in equal measure.

Fortunately, because many online casino games share a set of fundamental characteristics, you can actually transfer your skills from one game to another with relative ease.

For example, let’s say you’d mastered the basics of slot play by rolling through countless bets on games such as The Incredible Hulk and Fruit Farm and now you fancy trying your hand at blackjack. After logging into Smart Live Casino, one of the leading live dealer casino platforms online, you’ll find blackjack betting from £10.

As you can see, the minimum bet in Smart Live’s blackjack online games is higher than the low limits on the average slot game; however, it’s important to remember that these games have a lower house edge and, therefore, allow you to win more often.

Moreover, because you’re able to connect with real dealers via a combination of web streams and RFID chips between 11:00 and 03:00 (GMT) each day, you’ll actually enjoy a more immersive experience when you play these games.

However, to ensure you’re able to overcome the price differential and realise the true potential of these games, you need to follow some simple strategies that should be familiar to you from your time in the slots world.

Bankroll Management

One of the most important skills any gambler can learn is bankroll management. As a slots player you should already be highly experienced in adjusting the variables of the game to suit your bankroll’s limits. Although you won’t be able to adjust the number of lines you want to play when you ante-up at the blackjack table, you can adjust the number of positions you’re playing.

As you’ll know from the slots world, increasing the number of lines you play will increase your overall stake; something which can severely hurt your bottom line.

The same is true when you play too many blackjack positions. As a general rule, your overall stake, regardless of how many positions you’re playing, should be no more than 5% of your table bankroll.

Understanding Variance

If you can cope with the variance of slots then you’ll be fine at the blackjack table. Every successful gambler knows that you have to look beyond the immediate result of each move and consider it in the context of your overall strategy.

This is just as true in blackjack as it is in the slots world. Making the right move at all times, regardless of each individual result, should be your only concern.

For example, if you know it’s correct to stand on 14 when the dealer is showing a 4 then you should do this every time regardless of how successful this move was before.

Variance will always ebb and flow and if you can cope with it in the slots world, you’ll be fine at the blackjack table.

It’s All About Increments

Slots players will know that best way to play is to bet conservatively and aim for incremental profits. While it’s nice to hit a big win, these don’t come around very often and it’s actually the case that smaller wins and bonuses will increase your overall EV.

This is also true in blackjack. Instead of shooting for big wins by staking large amount of money, you should make small bets and shoot for incremental wins. Doing this will not only ensure you stick within your bankroll’s limits, but that you achieve the highest EV possible with the least amount of risk.

If you’re able to take these core concepts from the slots world and employ them at the blackjack table you should find that you’ll have an enjoyable and potentially lucrative alternative to your regular betting routine.