The Bejeweled Hypercash slot machine from Jackpot Joy is your chance to turn little gems into big winnings! This slot is based on the popular computer game Bejeweled, with one click of the GO button the gems come cascading down, with 6 or more matching gems awarding cash wins.

The more cash you win, the more gems disappear, and the more chances you’ll have to win as even more gems come raining down!

And keep your eyes out for Hypercubes that will create devastating explosions and even more win opportunities. If you think you know Bejeweled, then think again: Bejeweled Hypercash offers a winning experience like no other! A full grid of gems will fall down. Any clusters of 6 or more touching gems, of matching colour, will turn into a cash win that gets paid out according to the paytable to the right of the screen.

Lightning Hypercubes will sometimes be among gems that land. They destroy gems of a certain colour at random. No win is associated directly with this event but by destroying gems, more will fall down, potentially triggering more cluster wins.

Bejeweled is just one of the great Slot Machine games at Jackpot Joy, you can even get a cash match bonus to get you started.