Bullion Bonanza

The Bullion Bonanza slot from Jackpot Joy takes you back to the grand old days of Gold Prospecting, you’ll be mining this 3 reel slot for it’s massive progressive jackpot. So grab your mining hats and pick-axe and prepare for a Gold rush of excitement!

Your prospects could be looking a whole lot healthier after a spin with this Gold Standard classic, the jackpot on this game keeps getting bigger until someone wins it.

The way it works is simple, for every £1 you bet playing any slot that has a Game Jackpot, a certain percentage of that money will be put into a jackpot pool. That jackpot pool will continue to get bigger until someone wins it. Most of our games offer different jackpots for different coin sizes so you can choose to chase the one that suits. Game Jackpots can get huge – they can be life changing!

Although Single-line Slots come with just one payline, you can still control the levels of risk and reward by affecting the coin size. You can change the coin size in one of two different ways. It’s worth remembering that all the games at Jackpot Joy can be played in demo too, allowing you to get a feel for the game without risking any real money.