Hole In The Wall

Hole In The Wall is the new super slot machine from Paddy Power Games, where you’ll risk getting into deep water to win big! The slot is based on the fun TV show hosted by Anton du Beke, clear the walls for rich rewards or take a head-first plunge into the pool! Get ready to make cash and not a splash and BRING ON THE WALL!

Replay Bonus – If you get 3 or more REPLAY icons on a line, as well as winning an amount, you will activate the Replay feature and gain an automatic free spin!

Hole In The Wall Bonus – Get 3 or more Hole In The Wall symbols to get to the bonus. The number of triggering symbols, up to 5, determines how many walls you will face. Each time you successfully clear a wall you earn an additional bonus multiplier that increases your starting award. The more walls you clear the larger the bonus multiplier. What’s more, the bonus multipliers you earn are added together!

And even better, failing to clear a wall does not end the bonus or reduce your current bonus award total it just doesn’t increase. Hole In The Wall is just one of the amazing slot games available to play at Paddy Power Games. As always there are some great offers and giveaways from Paddy for new players.