“Iron Man 2” inspired a wide range of promotional tie in and games that helped capitalize on its rampant success. One of these games is the “Iron Man 2” slot game available at the Paddy Power Casino website. Players must create a personal login to play the game “for real” or they can play the “free demo” version that gives them access to all the features but with none of the chances to win real cash. How does the game hold up after “Iron Man 2” has come and gone? Is it just a tie-in with no game play value at all? Let’s check it out.

The instant you begin to play Iron Man 2, you’re pumped up. This has everything to do with the cool music and impressive visuals. After you take it all in for a moment, you then begin to look at the layout and understand how the game works. You will notice that there are 5 reels and 20 paylines. In addition to that, there are symbols, free spins, stack symbols and Marvel progressive jackpots.

Players start by choosing the number of lines they want to play in the game. They can also select the money they want to be per line or they can simply bet the maximum number of cash each bet. There is also an “auto start” option which gets the players playing automatically. Players can select the number of spins at the “Spins” option and can change the bet value by clicking on “Click to Change.” They can select bets based on up to five pounds or as low as one cent. Players interested in playing with less or more should try these options.

Another nice feature of the game is the “Free to Try” option. Players that are unsure about sinking money into the game are given 1,500 fake pounds to play with until they run out. Running out means you have to restart the game or sink your own funds into the game. This is a nice option as it lets players try out the game without investing anything. It also works as a nice promotion for the website as they can hook players into the game.

The game play is very solid. Players can choose how much money they want to bet per line and how much they want to bet each turn. They can then either hit “Spin” or “Bet Max” to start the spinning. There are five wheels with 25 different lines. Players can also earn “Power Ups” which function as multipliers. Players activate multipliers for a limited number of spins. This adds a little extra spice to the basic game play.

After trying out the game, players can then try out “Playing with Real Money.” They must create their own personal account and add credit, debit or bank card information to play. Players deposit their money into the account to play and have the chance to win real money or to lose money. It’s a real gambling risk that players can take if they are interested.

However, for fans of “Iron Man 2” that want to try out an interesting slot machine game should have fun with this at Paddy Power. It’s simple, easy to play and offers some enjoyment for a relatively brief period of time.