Monopoly with Pass ‘GO’ Bonus could be the multi-line, multi-coin slot machine game from Paddy Power Games that offers you a taste of the high life. Nine paylines signifies plenty of probabilities at wealthy rewards. And with a dose of luck, you will be eligible for a either of the two remarkable bonus items: the Community Chest Immediate Bonus or the Pass ‘GO’ Bonus, where you’ll be able to actually money in.

Just before you commence participating in the game you have to pick your line bet, pick the number of lines you would like to play and after that just click play!

Community Chest Bonus – Grab the Instant Bonus icon in any position within the last three reels and earn the Community Chest Instant Bonus. Just click a symbol to expose your Bonus Multiplier.

Pass Go Bonus – Earn the Pass ‘GO’ Bonus by acquiring three Bonus Dice symbols on the payline which you’ve got bet, pick a dice, and go to the Reward Board. You commence the actual bonus having an award of 10 along with every single time your online game piece arrives over a deed, you increase the actual award value connected with the deed to your award, Pass ‘GO’ as well as the deed awards on the board develop. The 1st time you Pass ‘GO’ the deed awards are doubled. Right after passing ‘GO’ 2 times or a lot more, the deed awards are tripled!

And don’t neglect all the some other bits and bobs including Landing on Chance, Landing on Free of charge Parking, Landing on Go and Landing in Jail!

And obviously with Paddy Power Games the jackpot is amazing and also this game will truly pay off £250,000!!!

Paddy Power is one of the most honest names in great britan and Ireland and it has an impeccable good name for being honest and trustworthy which means that your data is 100% secure once you sign-up and with some excellent special offers at present available why don’t you try it out yourself at this time?